Helge Wurdemann - UCL - webDr Helge A Wurdemann
Head of the #SoftHapticsLab



IMG_0100Andrea Palombi
MPhil/PhD student

Haptics for TAVR


yohan-nohDr Yohan Noh
Visiting researcher

Force/torque sensors


AntonioAntonio Gallarello
Visiting researcher

Development of modular cardiovascular models


Sara Di Giuseppe

Sara Di Giuseppe
Visiting researcher

Development of TAVR balloon catheters



Ali Shafti
Visiting researcher

Wearable sensors


profil-picture-agostino-stilliAgostino Stilli
Visiting researcher

Stiffness-controllable robotics


Sam Suchal

Samuel Suchal
MPhil/PhD student

Soft, stiffness-controllable robots



Thais Muraro, Visiting PhD student (2017)
Estevan Hideki Murai, Visiting PhD student (2017)
Julio Frantz, Visiting PhD student (2017)
Rodrigo Baretto, Visiting PhD student (2017)
Efstathios Kolokotronis, MSc student (2016/2017)
Junyang Wang, MSc student (2016/2017)
Zhuoru Li, MSc student (2016/2017)
Ge Shi, MSc student (2016/2017)
Jing Dai, MSc student (2016/2017)
Tingyi Hu, MSc student (2016/2017)
Zonghua Li, MSc student (2016/2017)
Hanzhao Liu, MSc student (2016/2017)
Xiyu Liu, MSc student (2016/2017)
Andre Stuhldreher, MEng student (2016/2017)
Ting Zhang,  MSc student (2016/2017)

Interested in joining the group?

I am keen on working together with enthusiastic researchers according to UCL’s motto “Let all come who by merit deserve the most reward”. So, please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in one of my research topics and have some funding scheme in mind. I will be highly supportive. There are many schemes available, in particular, I would like to mention fellowships by the EPSRC, Wellcome Trust, Royal Academy of Engineering, and Royal Society. I advise research students to consider having a look at a number of scholarships.