Helge Wurdemann facebookHelge A Wurdemann

Head of the Soft Haptics and Robotics Lab
Co-Director of the Intelligent Mobility at UCL (IM@UCL) lab

IsmailIsmail Ahmed
MPhil/PhD student

Human-Machine Interaction

Luke Beddow

Luke Beddow
MPhil/PhD student, with ‪Dr Kanoulas, UCL CS

Hybrid end-effectors

Shi Ge

Shi Ge
PhD student

Body-powered prosthetic digits and haptics


6i1xji5F_400x400Dr Konstantinos A. Mountris
Marie Curie Fellow

PhyNeTouch project

Duncan Raitt

Duncan Raitt
PhD student

Development of stiffness sensors for MIS

lTCdGVvq_400x400Dr Azadeh Shariati
Research Fellow

Control of soft robotics


Jialei Shi
PhD student

Stiffness control of soft robotics


Valentina_Soana_ProfilePic_SHRL_Sept2021Valentina Soana
MPhil/PhD student

Soft material robotics


Yaxi Wang_PhotographYaxi Wang
MPhil/PhD student

MR-compatible robots


Gaozhang WenlongGaozhang Wenlong
MPhil/PhD student

VSL collaborative robots

profileJunke Yao
PhD student

Soft balloon catheters

Interested in joining the group?

I am keen on working together with enthusiastic researchers according to UCL’s motto “Let all come who by merit deserve the most reward”. So, please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in one of my research topics and have some funding scheme in mind. I will be highly supportive. There are many schemes available, in particular, I would like to mention fellowships by the EPSRC, Wellcome Trust, Royal Academy of Engineering, and Royal Society. I advise research students to consider having a look at a number of scholarships.


Andrea Palombi, MPhil (2022)
Dr Sara Abad Guaman, Postdoc (2022) now lecturer at UCL
Mahmud Huseynov, MSc student (2022)
Xieying Chen, BEng student (2022)
Fadi Zahar, BEng student (2022)
Hanyu Jin, BEng student (2022)
Daniel Gaskell, MSc student (2022)
Usman Khan, BEng student (2022)
Hana Cvelbar, MSc student (2022)
Michael Dodman, MEng student (2022)
Chuanshang Yin, MEng student (2022)
Kuorun Liu, MEng student (2022)
Markus Nowak, MSc student (2021)
Anshuman Saha, MSc student (2021)
Shuo Zhao, MSc student (2021)
Richard Gao, BEng student (2020/2021)
Michael Johnson, BEng student (2020/2021)
Thomas Leung, BEng student (2020/2021)
Fadi Zahar, BEng student (2020/2021)
Jan Peters, RA (2020)
Andrea Bencivenni, MSc student (2020)
Mahmoud Berkawi, MSc student (2020)
Ella Hetherington, MSc student (2020, Bio-Integrated Design)
Edward Hoare, MSc student (2020)
Maryam Javidan, MSc student (2020)
Elena Guss Tarazona, MRes student (2019/2020)
Ahmed Aamir, BEng student (2019/2020)
Saad Aziz, MEng student (2019/2020)
Sarthak Basil, MEng student (2019/2020)
Daniel Chipping, BEng student (2019/2020)
Auguste Pugnet, BEng student (2019/2020)
Juanma Gandarias, Visiting PhD student (2019)
Wang, Yongjing, MRes student (2019), cont’d as PhD student at Ghent University
Cheng Chen, MSc student (2019), cont’d as Manager at SAIC GM
Yefeng Liu, MSc student (2019)
Yuan Li, MSc student (2019)
Gongjin Chen, MSc student (2018/2019)
Ce Liang, MSc student (2018/2019)
Tingjie Pang, MSc student (2018/2019)
Yuzheng, MSc student (2018/2019)
Xuan Wang, MSc student (2018/2019)
Hao Fu, MSc student (2018/2019)
Marc Daou, MEng student (2018/2019)
Iana Khaitarova, MEng student (2018/2019)
Mert Arman, MEng student (2018/2019)
Raghad Alturkistani, MSc student (2018)
Marc-Philippe Frey, MSc student (2018), cont’d with an MSc at ETH
Laura Barilli, Visiting MSc student (2018)
Madeleine Vetter, Visiting MSc student (2018)
Mohamed Afify, MEng student (2017/2018)
Ahmed Mohamed Salem, MEng student (2017/2018)
Fouad FarhatMEng student (2017/2018), cont’d with an MSc at MIT
Yi Kan, MEng student (2017/2018)
Muhammad Mohamed Raslan, MEng student (2017/2018)
Antonio Gallarello, Visiting MSc student (2017)
Sara Di Giuseppe, Visiting MSc student (2017)
Thais Muraro, Visiting PhD student (2017)
Dr Estevan Hideki Murai, Visiting PhD student (2017), cont’d as Lecturer at the UFSC
Julio Frantz, Visiting PhD student (2017)
Rodrigo Baretto, Visiting PhD student (2017)
Efstathios Kolokotronis, MSc student (2016/2017)
Junyang Wang, MSc student (2016/2017)
Zhuoru Li, MSc student (2016/2017)
Ge Shi, MSc student (2016/2017), cont’d as PhD student at UCL
Jing Dai, MSc student (2016/2017)
Tingyi Hu, MSc student (2016/2017)
Zonghua Li, MSc student (2016/2017)
Hanzhao Liu, MSc student (2016/2017)
Xiyu Liu, MSc student (2016/2017)
Andre Stuhldreher, MEng student (2016/2017), cont’d as Team leader (Design) at Roborace
Ting Zhang,  MSc student (2016/2017)
Dr Yohan Noh, PDRA (2016/2017), cont’d as Lecturer at Brunel University
Dr Agostino Stilli, PhD student (2013-2018), cont’d as PDRA/Leverhulme Fellow at UCL
Dr Ali Shafti, PhD student (2013-2017), cont’d as PDRA at Imperial College London
Dr Angela Faragasso, PhD student (2013-2016), cont’d as Project Assistant Professor at The University of Tokyo